Uriel Meshoulam (
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 13:40:43 -0500

We can identify two main conditions which lead the construer to label a
behavior "schizophrenic." First, the behavior is "unacceptable" (or
"troublesome") to the construer; and, second, the behavior is beyond
the construer's comprehension.

By contrast, if a behavior is unacceptable to me, but somehow I can
understand it - I shall label it immoral, stupid, etc. By the same
token, if the behavior is acceptable (or even admirable) to me, yet
incomprehensible, I rely on a "positive" term, such as "genius".

Therefore, I suggest that the term to replace schizophrenia should not
"objectively" describe a behavior, but rather relate to the difficulty
the _construer_ has with that behavior. Based on the above, I came up
with the term "vexatious and enigmatic" behavior - a fancy way of
saying "I disapprove of this behavior, and I cannot understand it".

Note that these two words can be easily combined into a single term:
"vexenigmatic" behavior, not unlike the way they formed the S' word it
attempts do dethrone. Further, by sheer coincidence, the roots are also
Latin and Greek. I do not desire to raise my hopes too high, but maybe,
if we play it right, we could sneak it into the next version of DSM?
Any suggestions for an impressive decimal DSM code?

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