some 'technical' questions about constructs

Bob Green (
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 05:22:26 +1000

1. Kelly in volume 1 (The Repertory Test) speaks in several places of
constructs breaking down:

"If the constructs of nice, gentle, thoughtful, and others to which
aggressive has been the contrasting pole, begin to break down, the subject
may turn to aggressive, both as a way of seeing many other people, and as a
way of behaving himself" p.235

" By noting the linkages the perceptive clinician can also get an inkling of
the directions of future movement the client may take as a result of the
breakdown in the use of any one of a number of his constructs". p.237

"The sequential mode of presentation provides a more rigorous test of the
subject's use of role constructs. It is more likely to reveal their
breaking points". p.241

I don't recall seeing this term in v2, 'break down/breaking points' may be a
way of describing invalidation, but I don't really know. Any suggestions or
advice where this is discussed more fully would be appreciated.

2. Kelly speaks of constructs becoming impermeable/making them impermeable.
I presume the binding techniques discussed in v2 have applicability in this
regard but would be interested in other's views as to how this might occur
or be facilitated.


Bob Green