PCP and group trainings

Thomas Grunau (thomas.grunau@t-online.de)
Sat, 28 Nov 98 21:55 +0100

since 1995 we try to work with pcp. The first time we started doing this in a
training was a training for policemen for Mostar in Bosnia. We had the problem
that policemen had to act in a complete different way. They only could do some
monitoring in Mostar, otherwise they would have got some big difficulties. The
method of training the behaviour could not work, because the situation in Mostar
could not be trained. We used a very rudimentary method to build categories the
person of the policemen, the work in the police unit, the knowledege they needed
and the mission itself. We did not used bipolarity. We talked with our colleagues
about the meaning of the words they wrote on presentation cards.
Now we are working on TQM in police in my state. The problem of TQM and a lot of
organizational change methods is that organizations try to change but they don`t
think of the constructs of the people in the organizations. My view is that
change or development in can`t be done without looking at the constructs. So we
want to look, what the "Quality of policework" means to my colleagues. One
opportunity could be to use the elements as the functions of policemen in the
organization (Prof. Rainer Riemann told us so.). We have to do it twice, because
we have to look at the behaviour of policemen and the reports of policemen. We
can`t do it in an interview, because my organization is much too big (45.000
policemen and 8.000 civil servants). Last week I read the article of Mark
Balnaves and Peter Caputi "Corporate constructs: to what extent are personal
constructs Personal?" (International Journal of Personal Psychology, year ?, page
119-138). I could not find a method in this article.
How can I found out more about corporate constructs?
Thank you.
Best wishes
Thomas Grunau