Neuroscience and vexenigmatic behavior

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"Su McLain, Ph.D." wrote:

It seems to me that PET scans open
other possibilities for understanding how neural pathways for
are affected by brain damage.

Su -- can you refer me to an article which gives convincing evidence
that PET scans, or any
other measure of any index of biological involvement in vexenigmatic
behavior, allows a
diagnostician to place one into a diagnostic category called
Have you seen the recent excitement over the study [done at
Stanford] which claims that MRI
findings support the physical base of the diagnosis AD/HD? Has anyone
found a copy of the
I challenge you to tell me -- without seeing the article -- the
contents of the first sentence of the
article's last paragraph [to be revealed in future posting].
And isn't it interesting that this article appeared just as the NIMH
consensus panel concluded
that "There is no consistency in treatment, diagnosis, or followup for
children with ADHD?"
[Notice, however, that the conclusion continues to speak of "children
consensus panel, in other words, continue to promote the belief that
there IS an entity that can be
labelled "AD/HD."]
I find the Stanford's group [how better to promote a social
construction than to have it
pronounced by researchers at Harvard or Stanford] MDI-AD/HD study to be
interesting for its first footnote:
"The publication costs of this article were defrayed in part by page
charge payment. This article
must therefore be hereby marked "advertisement" in accordance with 18 U.
S. C. 1734 solely to
indicate this fact."
It also would have been useful to indicate who paid the page
charges! Was it General Electric?
Just think -- every elementary school might buy MRI equipment, then
parents of those tagged
"AD/HD" would have "proof" that their kid has messed up biology -- and
the kid could go through
life with the label of a handicapped kid.
Did Ciba Geigy pay for the page costs? Keep the Ritalin rollin' off
the production lines....
The first sentence of the last paragraph of the MRI article will
appear in another post... We
should have a contest to find who comes closest to quoting the

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