The different domains of knowledge

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As Tim Connor remind us, Kelly said that psychological/physiological
distinction is a construct as much as any other. This concerns the monistic
choice of Kelly: the reality is neither psychological nor physiological. Is
there a superordinate level within which the two linguistic levels (and
levels of knowledge) are together? I think that there is (I don't
underestimate the human capacity for construing): it is the domain of living
system. This regards, I think, the PCT. This is because it is possible to
see each singular cell as a system that is construing knowledge and at the
same time, is construed by its own knowledge. We can extend the view: the
CNS, as part of a living system, operates to contribute to its structural
The CNS makes the possibilities (e.g. language) and there will be part of
our construction of environment that will contribute to forming and
preserving our sense of identity. But these possibilities - and thus these
bonds - don't explain the meanings that we give to the environment that they
contribute to create, to events, to our personal history.
In effect, as Tim Connor confirms, "our experience of brain activity is not
the same thing as the activity itself". The CNS works to enable the
emergence of language but doesn't explain, in a causal sense, the meaning of
my words. I believe that to affirm that the two levels can both be
'observed' at the same time (systemic connection) is not the same thing as
to affirm their explicative connection in a causal sense. If my level is a
psychological (and social) level (PCP) then my explicative and heuristic
references are a person and the contents, the theories with which that
person can fill the forms and possibilities of their knowledge.

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