Re: Schizophrenia

Travis Gee (
Sat, 5 Dec 1998 23:13:25 -0500 (EST)

Barbara Tooth sez:
> The are
> advised to avoid stress, stop studying, stop working, take medications
> that produce side effects that are often worse than the symptoms and often
> produce symptoms that are then interpreted as symptoms of the
> disorder.

This sounds like Paul Karoly's view that interventions that fail to
take into account the social ecology & project system of the
individual are doomed to "non-compliance".

> For a majority of people we
> spoke to, they accepted the "system" for many years but it wasn't until
> they became determined to overcome the impact of the disorder on their
> lives that they began to recover.

Does it seem to you that they are starting to distinguish between what
they do & who they are, whereas before that was not at all clear to

> Some health professionals have an
> inability to check their constructions against the social consensus and
> modify them accordingly.

And how many more who check their constructions against the social
consensus without checking on the predictive validity of the social
consensus! Good ol' reflexivity ;) It's ironic...if an individual
acts as a scientist in comprehending the world, then a scientific
understanding of that individual's model of the world must be
possible, even if the model is based on bad or incomplete science. It
doesn't matter whether it's a *trained* scientist or not, except when
it comes to wounded pride!

> If anyone wants a copy of the report I would be happy to email it.

I'd appreciate a copy...and permission to reproduce it if you don't
mind, in case I can fit it into my reading course! If you get a lot of
requests, it might be easier for all concerned if you stick it up on a
wepage & post the URL.


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