Re: [Fwd: A Neuroscientists Says No to Drugs]
Tue, 5 Jan 1999 22:36:13 EST


I appreciate the reply. Medication is one aspect and not the only one. I do
not believe that medication is for all members and many can do fine without
medication. I also focus on living, funding, coping, etc in a wholistic

I work in the community with people who are not able to fit in without
medication. They get kicked out by others and are shunned. Most of the
people I work with are regularly put on the street. The members I work with
all have poor living conditions (their description and mine). With
medication, they are able to converse with me and function in a normal
apartment. This is where they lived before becoming ill.

I believe medication is necessary for this group to function and that
understanding constructs and changing perception will not be sufficient. I
believe research remains necessary on the group known as schizophrenics and
that it is relevant. Debating efficacy of any meds for schizophrenics is not
something I can agree with.

Listening and talking about other things in addition to mediccation is
something I do believe in. Talking about overmedicating or medcating
incorrectly is something I talk about daily. Teaching members to recognize
and cope with their symptoms to later not take medication is something I do
work with my members to do.