Re: PCP and dieting

J. Maxwell Legg (
Tue, 19 Jan 1999 03:58:02 +1300

Chris Evans wrote:
> On 17 Jan 99, at 22:29, Mancuso, James C. wrote:
> > Chris:
> > OK -- Now you should try to prove that you also may be categoized as a
> > constructivist!!!
> Seriously, I think there are big issues here and the extent to which
> they link with the centrality of Kelly's ideas about prediction
> underline something philosophically and logically excellent at the
> heart of PCP: that's one of the reasons why I construe myself as 
> "a constructivist" or, more accurately, "someone not dishonest
> being part of the constructivist and constructionist social spheres
> of discourse. However, in Kelly's terms there's no doubt in my own
> mind that psychoanalytic discourse is nearer to the academic and
> clinical hearts (having only one heart can be a design fault) of my
> core self.
> I'm copying this to the list as I thought the challenge was fair and
> probably one in others' minds!
> _VERY_ best wishes to you,
> Chris
> Chris Evans, R&D Consultant,
> Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust

Chris, lest perhaps another might also diplomatically construe
unpredictable vagueness to be dishonesty by omission, far be it for them
to be the one to cast the first stone, but why the inkling that the
speaker doth protest to much?