Re: Faye Fransella's comments on biological determinism

Mancuso, James C. (
Thu, 21 Jan 1999 22:47:32 -0500

Devi Jankowicz wrote:

> Is it easier to explain the pleasure of sexual stimulation in terms of
> "pleasure centres", genetically wired in to brain structure; or (as
> something which has to be _developed_) in terms of a (quasi-Pavlovian)
> association between the body-contact behaviour designed to reduce
> non-integrable stimuli, and genetically determined body structures which
> ensure that _body-contact_ is the particular mechanism which reduces the
> non-integrable stimuli?

Well. I guess that if we are after easy explanations, this is a reasonable
But. . . .

> You have yet to elaborate the reason why non-integrable stimuli are
> noxious, and thereby to be avoided.

Notice, I never said -- never -- that non-integratable stimuli are noxious. I
said that non integratable stimuli set up preparation for effort.. Many people,
indeed, are fortunate enough to seek out non-integratable stimuli.
Perhaps it is a neat social construction to regard preparation for effort as
e. g. "Don't tease (provide non integratable stimuli to) that kid.... it will
mess him/her up!!"

I quit -- it's bedtime...
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