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Travis Gee writes:
> Hi, Jonathan,
> Say 'hi' to Tim Pychyl for me ... I'm guessing that he's your supervisor
> (or intended supervisor) but correct me if I'm wrong ;)
> Have you looked at Linda Cameron's thesis yet? She took a Personal Projects
> Analysis (PPA) approach and compared the constructs that Dr. Little provides
> to those that are spontaneously generated by people, and found that many
> are highly mappable. While she didn't work with procrastinators,
> per se, her approach was unique in that it took Personal Action Construct
> research back to its Kellian roots, and explored truly *personal* constructs.
> That's a good starting point, although you may want to take the PPA approach
> of providing some of the constructs to establish between-subject
> comparability.
> Don't limit yourself to the standard could include a "how
> depressing
> is it (or would it be) to work on this project?" scale or other things that
> operationalize the constructs suggested by the literature.
> Good luck,
> Travis.
> Travis Gee
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> University of New England
> Armidale NSW 2351
> Australia

Hi there Travis. I guess you don't remember me but I was the student who
was trying to get a hold of your thesis last April but due to
difficulties with your hard drive, it was a no go. Actually I have looked
over Cameron's thesis and found it very useful. Actually, I believe that I
am going to have to take an PPA/PCP approach in conducting my data
collection. The main problem that I face is that when doing the triadic
comparison (i.e., How are 2 of these alike and different from the third)
students will have a tendency of being broad with their constructs (e.g.,
they will state that writing an essay and studying for an exam are
similiar because they are both academically relatedin relation to playing
cards) instead of supplying
constructs that will help us to understand why they procrastinate on these
tasks (e.g., writing an essay and studying for an exam are "personally
umeaningful"). We are hoping to try and elicit the latter types of
constructs because they will help us get a better understanding of why
academic procrastinators delay on their school work. ARRRGGHHH! I'm losing
sleep thinking about this thesis!
Anyways, take care and write back when you get a chance.


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