Re: Greetings everyone & Personal Projects Analysis

Bob Green (
Sun, 31 Jan 1999 06:10:54 +1000


regarding your comments:

>Have you looked at Linda Cameron's thesis yet? She took a Personal Projects
>Analysis (PPA) approach and compared the constructs that Dr. Little provides
>to those that are spontaneously generated by people, and found that many
>are highly mappable. While she didn't work with procrastinators,
>per se, her approach was unique in that it took Personal Action Construct
>research back to its Kellian roots, and explored truly *personal* constructs.
>That's a good starting point, although you may want to take the PPA approach
>of providing some of the constructs to establish between-subject

Would you mind describing what the Personal Projects Analysis (PPA) approach
is and/or any citations you might know of?

BTW I notice you are posting from Australia, last time I recall it looked
like you posted from Canada or the US.


Bob Green