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>Hi all, I would just like to here your thoughts on health, in
>particular health related behaviour change and skills acquisition in
>relation to personal construct theory. Are there any web-sites or
>articles I can read?

Search PsychLit for "Lecci and Karoly." Len Lecci was
one of Brian Little's students, and he's been working with Paul Karoly
on Personal Action Construct approaches to health behaviour. Karoly
has some other articles of his own that should turn up in PsychLit with
"Karoly and Health." My recollection is that he has one where he is
quite specific about how conflict between personally salient goals and
implementations of health regimens that ignore said goals is a major
source of non-compliance. The latter notion is one that has had some
play in the medical literature as well, and you can probably find related
articles in Medline. Needless to say, it is not so much the goals themselves
as the way they are construed and they way that events are anticipated
that is key to the tailoring of interventions to individuals!


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