Re: Grid Analysis packages

Richard Bell (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 12:47:48 +1100


I am just finishing a GRIDSCAL a new pc program for analysing multiple
grids with common constructs and/or common elements. It can be used to do
individual differences scaling as Travis Gee suggests or a version of
three-mode principal components among other things.

I am planning to turn it loose at the Berlin congress in July but if you
are desperate I can let you have a beta minus k (where k is the number of
as yet undetected bugs) version now

Richard Bell
Dept of Psychology
University of Melbourne
Parkville Vic 3052 Australia

At 13:31 11/02/99 +0000, you wrote:
>11th February 1999
>This is my first time contacting fellow members of the PCP group. I
>am currently undertaking doctoral research, examining an aspect of
>nursing care provision, from a PCP perspective. I am exploring
>day-surgical nurses' perceptions of the "role" of the day surgical
>To date, I have worked closely with 15 experienced day surgical
>nurses, and together we have elicited a "core grid", which I would
>like to use with a wider group of day-surcgical nurses. I wonder if
>anyone could suggest where I might be able to access a grid analysis
>package, which would allow comparison of a number of "similar" grids?
>I think that Mildred Shaw has developed a possible package, but I
>cannot find out where to get hold of a copy. I use a PC at work, and
>an Apple Mac at home.
>I would be really grateful of any help,
>Sinead Mehigan
>Senior Lecturer
>Middlesex University
>School of Health, Biological and Environmental Sciences
>Royal Free Centre
>London NW3