RV: self-characterisations

Meritxell Pacheco Perez (MeritxellPP@blanquerna.url.es)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 21:07:19 +0100

Dear Jane,

I find very interesting your use of self-characterization in order to
explore the understanding of drugs.In the context of our research group
"Constructivism and Discoursive Processes" we are qualitatively
analyzing (with the support of the QSR-NUD·IST 4 program) lots of
self-narratives. This makes possible to reach data in a really grounded
way. Although I'm not working with addictions, I work with children and
young people and I usually use self-characterizations in research and
clinical practice. Perhaps we could exchange some information.

Best regards,

Meritxell Pacheco
Facultat de Psicologia i Cičncies de l'Educació Blanquerna
Universitat Ramon Llull
Císter 24- 34
08022 Barcelona
Phone. 93 253 30 00 Ext. 3116
Fax. 93 253 30 31
E-mail. Meritxellpp@blanquerna.url.es

> From: "Jane" <J.Mallick@roehampton.ac.uk>
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> Subject: self-characterisations
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> Is there anyone out there working with self-characterisations in
> their research/practice. I would appreciate any contacts with people
> or recent papers etc.
> I am using self characterisations to explore young people and their
> parents understanding of drugs. They write the charaterisation in
> the context of drugs for themselves as well as for their parent /
> child.
> Any comments and suggests would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Jane Mallick
> Graduate Associate
> Drugs Education and Prevention Research Unit
> Faculty of Education
> Roehampton Institute London
> Froebel College
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> Chris Evans, R&D Consultant,
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