Re: Boundaries of PCP

j.Maxwell Legg (
Fri, 19 Feb 1999 23:02:01 +1300 wrote:
> Point for discussion: What are the boundaries of PCP? What do I mean! What type
> of understanding and knowledge is PCP not very good at eliciting from people.
> What are the drawbacks of PCP

I'm sure there are many others, but the boundary areas of PCP that I regularily
come up against relate to technology, values and change.

(1) Rep-grid technology is extremely abstract for many people. However, if this
technology becomes embedded it may become less so.

(2) Holders of values that are proscribed by secrecy are antagonistic to PCT; -
values such as capitalism, criminality or national security, etc.

(3) Where there is a need for change PCT is too fine an instrument compared to
the blunt force trauma that usually prevails.

just my 2KB worth...