Re: Boundaries of PCP

j.Maxwell Legg (
Sat, 20 Feb 1999 14:00:32 +1300

Devi Jankowicz wrote:
> "j.Maxwell Legg" <> wrote, in response to the query from
> >>What are the boundaries of PCP?
> >I'm sure there are many others, but the boundary areas of PCP that I
> >regularily come up against relate to technology, values and change.
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> >(2) Holders of values that are proscribed by secrecy are antagonistic to
> >PCT; - values such as capitalism, criminality or national security, etc.
> He clearly hasn't heard of the ways in which pcp and repgrid techniques
> provide useful improvements in such fields as employee selection
> reliability, employee induction, training course design and evaluation,
> and all those other ways in which capitalist HRM/D tries (in contrast to
> the non-capitalist hangovers with which I deal in the post-command
> economies of central and eastern Europe) to improve the lot of people
> like you and me- viz., people, ordinary Joes and Janes, working in
> organisations worldwide, capitalist or otherwise.
> Oh gawd. Why _am_ I writing this, in response to a posting which equates
> "capitalism" with "criminality"?

The question asked was not about the usefulness of PCP, and yes, why aren't you
contributing to a list of possible boundaries of PCP when instead you instill
subtle manipulations to try to mask them. Devi, we all know you are no ordinary
Joe, but are you a boundary of PCP?

As for your other comments about political correctness, well it appears PC is
also a PCP boundary. Furthermore are you sure you're not the twisted hijacker in
this thread or should I say list? So you see, I have as little respect for your
comments as you have for mine. Can your PCP resolve these boundary

Again, let me rephrase. In the sense that they operate in conspiracy capitalism
and criminality are similar. Capitalism uses its own laws to allow conspiracy to
determine many price collusions. An example of such is that what appears on the
front of the book sections of say the New York Times and the Washington Post is
quite often the same book; - as a result of conspiracy.

Btw, I ("He") have/has heard of HRM/D and knows it well enough to understand
that it is the top people that wish to use the repgrid to know how to control
those under them. But "he" knows PCP is not to be used on or learnt by these top
people because it would expose their deceptive practices. They are afraid, he
also knows that if the owner doesn't champion a cause then it will only wither
in spite of the infrastructure.

I submit that the PCP "truth machine" aspects in the mind of the manipulators of
deceit is a boundary of PCP whether you, Devi, agree or not. Whether your
experience is eastern communism or western capitalism, past or present, this
boundary is still there. It is within this boundary that you will find the seeds
of destruction for many a venture in PCP.

And Devi, stay cool.