Re: Schizophrenia and Szasz

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Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:28:38 -0000

On 21 Feb 99, at 23:04, wrote:

> Dear List Subscribers,
> It is with some reluctance that I write this lengthy posting. Unfortunately,
> I am concerned about this issue and its effect on Kelly's work ever being read
> as we further divide an already small group of people familiar with the work
> off George Kelly.
... much snipped ...
> Szasz as keynote speaker and these comments have bothered me enough to refuse
> to renew my NAPCN membership along with the Journal Subscription, which I have
> had since issue one. It may mean nothing to anyone butů I am hoping that PCP
> will continue to evolve but at present I will return to the original works. I
> want to read about what can do the most for my clients. I have not recently
> read anything in the field of PCP that makes a difference to the schizophrenic
> in the community. This includes works that benefit the person with
> schzophrenia or the treatment provider. Please let me know what I have missed
> in practical treatment or the person with schizophrenia. In fact, the field
> of psychology has given me little to improve the chances of keeping housing
> for the mentally ill (cognitive behaviourists and RET excepted). On the other
> hand, I have found much more useful applications and developments from the
> field of psychiatry for those they call the "schizophrenic" in the last two or
> three years. Saying otherwise, flies in the face of the data I have seen in
> the field with actual people. I use these developments along with
> psychological interventions and conceptualizations to assist my clients to fit
> in.
... rest snipped ...

I'll stick my toe in this water again. I've posted on this theme to the
list in the past and won't rehash my old arguments which are
broadly in line with John's (with much less day-to-day contact with
"schizophrenia" than he has). I'd just plead that John you don't
drop out of NAPCN nor drop the Journal as I think your opening
point is the crucial one: the PCP sorority/fraternity is a rather small
and zealous one, though one I value _VERY_ much. To lose your
view would impoverish it. If you stay it is more likely the field will
come to construe your construing less preemptively than if you go.

I'm sending this as a public statement, not just a personal reply to
John, 'cos there's something of the "stand up and be construed"
feeling here for me!

Very best to all,


Chris Evans, R&D Consultant,
Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust