construing as a process vs constructs as entities

Bob Green (
Wed, 10 Mar 1999 21:35:02 +1000

I have been doing some reading regarding violence and came across the
following comments by Novaco:

"The notion of cognitive mediation is often misunderstood. The idea does not
necessarily refer to an intermediary process interposed between exposure to
stimulus and the resulting physiological and behavioral reactions.
Cognitive mediation should be understood as an automatic and intrinsic part
of the perceptual process and not simply as explicit thinking or otherwise
conscious operations that might be involved in an event-thought-reaction

This quote, if I have understood it correctly argues that
cognition/construing can be a conscious thinking process as well as a rapid
process of information processing, eg automatic? This raised the
interesting issue for me, in relation to examining construing/constructs.
Much PCP research appears to report constructs as if they are entities, the
above seems to emphasise construing as an ongoing process (which could
include non-verbal construing etc). I don't mean to suggest construing
isn't construed as 'ongoing' in PCP terms, but rather the issue may be a
limitation in how constructs are talked about.

Any comments are welcomed,


Bob Green