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Mildred L G Shaw (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 10:01:43 -0700

Hi Melanie,

There are facilities in WebGrid to analyse your data.
WebGrid is a freely available service through the web at:-

There are background articles at:-


>A struggling Post grad student using rep grids for the first time. I'm
>trying to look at how important the concept of trust is in Human
>Supervisory Control domains (HSC) teams, I have elements as people (either
>intra-teaam, inter-team) or technology (systems they interact with)and I am
>trying to find out:
>1) If people in a highly volatile domain (e.g. HSC) construe trust
>differently (from other cohorts/ domains - e.g. literature on diff orgs and
>2) How important trust is intra-team inter-team and in interaction with
>3) What are the most significant characteristics/behaviours within HSC
>teams, between teams and those that that make people trust technology or
>not as the case might be.
>The reason I chose rep grids was to try and get underneath the concept of
>trust in this domain as no-one else has looked at it before to my
>knowledge. However being a novice and having already collected the data (I
>hope correctly) I am having great dificulty in analysing it. I have managed
>to get a an old MSDOS copy of Circumgrids (Chambers & Grice, 1986) but have
>no clue how to use it. Does anyone have any experience of this package?
>Alternatively could anyone give me any advice as how to go about analysing
>this manually as I have no funds to buy any other software.
>I have read Valerie Stewarts book on Business Applications of Repertory
>Grids. However what I don't understand is how to reduce the constructs of
>20 different people (albeit same job same status) over 24 elements in order
>to get the group constructs for the three different factors.
>Yours hopefully
>If anyone could offer any support on this - I'd be very grateful
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