Re: PCP application to transcultural mental health training

John M Fisher (
Thu, 8 Apr 1999 01:51:50 -0400

I am currently working in an area where I am training people in the use of
various tools and techniques in a business environment. One of the
elements I cover is cultural differences. So, as with Chris, the work that
Greg is doing is also of particular interest to me (having recently
developed a Train the Trainer pack myself).

Currently I refer to either anecdotal evidence f differences and use PCP to
underpin my approach (e.g. understand the other culture from within, etc.)

Secondly does anyone have an email address for Greg Neimeyer or M Fukuyama
so that I can try to get copies of their papers? failing that how does an
non-university affiliated person get hold of reprints from back copies of
journals ?

John M Fisher