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You may also want to look at Mark Burrell's very interesting constructivist
perspective on drug use in the first 1999 issue of the J. of Constructivist


At 09:50 PM 4/14/99 +1000, you wrote:
>The following book by Houston has a chapter which discusses, 'The PCP
>pespective on alcohol and drug dependence': Houston, J (1998). Making Sense
>with Offenders. Wiley Chichester.
>The book edited by Button, E (1985). PCT and mental health, has 2 chapters
>referred to in the book by Houston.
>Not mentioned in Houston's book is:
>Klion R (1993). Chemical Dependency: a pct approach, in Leitner, L and
>Dunnett N (eds). Critical Issues in Personal Construct Psychotherapy.
>Kreiger, Malabar.
>This should get you started.
>Bob Green
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