Re: language barrier

Gregory Hadley (
Mon, 10 May 1999 12:29:03 +0900

Lluis Botella Garcia del Cid wrote:

> 1. What country are you working at at the moment?


> 2. What is your native language?


> 3. How did you first get to know about PCP, through texts (papers,
> books) written in English or in your own language?

I was introduced to it through the research module of my MA course in TEFL
(Teaching English as a foreign language). It was suggested that it could
serve as a helpful research tool in cross-cultural studies.

> 4. In your country, what is the approximate percentage of texts
> about PCP originally published in your own language?

There are none in English that I know of. I am aware of a couple of studies
in Japanese that are from Tokyo University and Ochanomizu University.

> 5. In your country, what is the approximate percentage of texts
> about PCP translated to your own language?

None that I'm aware of.

> 6. In your country, are there any journal or newsletter that
> publishes papers on PCP in your own language?

There are some second language educational journals that would be interested
in published papers on PCP, so long as it could be shown to have some sort
of application for language learning.

> 7. What is the approximate percentage of your own published works
> in English?


> 8. When you teach or give lectures about PCP in your country, do
> you chiefly use English or your own language?

English (my own language). On a couple of occasions I have had the
opportunity to give brief talks in Japanese about aspects of PCP.

> 9. Among the conferences you attend, what approximate percentage of
> them have English as the only or dominant language?


> 10. Do you think that language is a barrier for newcomers to PCP in
> your country?

Not only is language a barrier, in my own professional environment, I've
encountered a number ofJapanese educators who have expressed the belief that
Western psychological approaches are not applicable to the Japanese mind.
However, I must be quick to point out that I work in a rural area of Japan
that is far removed from Tokyo and well known for being conservative.

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