Re: language barrier

Harald Seelig (
Mon, 10 May 99 11:33:59 +0100

> You can send the messages directly to my e-mail
> address, if you prefer, but I think it could be useful to open the
> debate through the list so as to turn it into a real conversation.
Yes, youīre right. The answers that already have been send to the list
are very interesting
So here is another one (less experienced newcomer)
> My questions are these ones:
> 1. What country are you working at at the moment?
> 2. What is your native language?
> 3. How did you first get to know about PCP, through texts (papers,
> books) written in English or in your own language?
Symbiosis. As I was intereseted in constructivism before and I had to
write my Master thesis, i decided to do something on subjective theories.
By looking for an (the) appropriate method I came across PCP texts in German
and English.
> 4. In your country, what is the approximate percentage of texts
> about PCP originally published in your own language?
The overview I have is limited to both English and German texts.
So, for the ones i havenīt seen / read yet I canīt tell (or even estimate)
The ones I read have a (probably not very representative) proportion of
25 % of German texts.
> 5. In your country, what is the approximate percentage of texts
> about PCP translated to your own language?
see 4. .
> 6. In your country, are there any journal or newsletter that
> publishes papers on PCP in your own language?
> 7. What is the approximate percentage of your own published works
> in English?
0 % (before Berlin), 50 % (including Berlin) - don`t calculate - newcomer, you see
> 8. When you teach or give lectures about PCP in your country, do
> you chiefly use English or your own language?
Iīd love to give lectures on PCP - but i hadnīt had any oppertunity (yet)
> 9. Among the conferences you attend, what approximate percentage of
> them have English as the only or dominant language?
same as 7.
> 10. Do you think that language is a barrier for newcomers to PCP in
> your country?
As there are some really good publications on introducing PCP written and published in
German - I donīt think that this should be a problem.
> 11. Please add any comment you find relevant.
> I donīt really think that the language is the "real " barrier. It is probably the
anticipated cause for non-distribution. I mean, there are fewer publications
in other areas that should be related - like psychology for instance. So it seems to me
that the relevant things only happen in the community - which is mainly
"ruled" by english-speaking members. The barrier is probably related to things
like popularity or a "bad" PR on the benefits of PCP.