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> Hi all,
> I've been asked to present a plenary at the Berlin conference on whether
> "Will PCP trascend the language barrier?" I think this is a really
> important subject, and I'll like to include in my presentation opinions
> other than my own local one. Thus, I'll appreciate if you could spare
> some minutes of your time and ask a few questions on this topic. I'm
> particularly interested in those of you who are non-native English
> speakers or live in non-English speaking countries. You can send the
> messages directly to my e-mail address, if you prefer, but I think it
> could be useful to open the debate through the list so as to turn it
> into a real conversation.
> My questions are these ones:
> 1. What country are you working at at the moment?
2. What is your native language?
3. How did you first get to know about PCP, through texts (papers,
> books) written in English or in your own language?
>inquiring man (english) and finn tschudi(norwegian)
4. In your country, what is the approximate percentage of texts
> about PCP originally published in your own language?
> do not know
5. In your country, what is the approximate percentage of texts
> about PCP translated to your own language?
> do not know
6. In your country, are there any journal or newsletter that
> publishes papers on PCP in your own language?
> no
7. What is the approximate percentage of your own published works
> in English?
> all
8. When you teach or give lectures about PCP in your country, do
> you chiefly use English or your own language?
> 9. Among the conferences you attend, what approximate percentage of
> them have English as the only or dominant language?
> all
10. Do you think that language is a barrier for newcomers to PCP in
> your country?
> finn tschudi writes in norwegian but most texts are english
11. Please add any comment you find relevant.
> i have not studied in norway but i have the impression that a lot of the pensum is in english therefore all norwegian psychologists read english
> Thanks a lot.
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