Re: distinguish tightness & constriction?

Beverly Walker (
Fri, 21 May 1999 09:37:42 +1000

Dear all,

Malcolm kindly sent round a note from one of my students about a
research problem she is wrestling with. Unfortunately the response has
been not great, so can I entice you to think further about this problem
by telling you what her construct poles will be.

she's giving people a camera and telling them to take 12 pictures that
indicate important features of their identity - who they are as people.
they are the construct poles - which she may get verbal approximations
of from the people themselves. we think this may be a way of
approaching core constructs and want to think of extending this as a
possible therapeutic tool - eg. looking at changes over time etc.

So, now can people think about distinguishing evaluating such constructs
in terms of their looseness or constriction. and the further problem of
how operationally you might distinguish tightness from constriction in
the Kellian sense - not by some dictionary definition.

Hope that sparks your interest to consider this problem,
regards to all. Hope to see lots of you in Berlin,


Assoc. Prof. Beverly M. Walker,
Psychology Dept,
University of Wollongong,
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