Re: Change grids?

Suzanne Huffman (
Thu, 20 May 1999 12:53:13 -0500

Thanks for the input, Devi. The context is a very timely one here in the
US, as it's an anti-violence initiative. There's a Parent Action Kit and a
training workshop to evaluate. In the previous post, I said "client" but
actually I'm donating my time, so I would especially appreciate suggestions
on design, keeping in mind the purposes, which are: (a) internal, for
possible revisions and (b) external, i.e. demonstrating effectiveness for
fundraising, that sort of thing.

There is some anecdotal evidence, and contact with persons who've already
received (and presumably been using) the materials is possible, so I'm
considering doing some narrative work with them. However, I feel it would
be more compelling to look at how persons construe the course topics

If anyone on the list is interested in just knowing about this initiative,
or would like to review the outline of the parent kit material to assist me
with ideas, the site is

Any relevant lit citations would also be welcome, and of course, if there
are any interested grad students out there I'd be delighted to hear from

Now, regarding Tony's project. I seem to remember something Jim Mancuso did
on parent training a few years back, might have been presented at the
Indianapolis meeting? Jim, are you out there? Does anyone else know what
I'm thinking of?

Suzanne Huffman