Re: Using grids to assess changes in parent perceptions

Suzanne Huffman (
Fri, 21 May 1999 21:44:25 -0500

Dear Devi,

I just have a few minutes to write, so can't comment on the technical
dimensions you've mentioned, but wanted to say: please ramble on whenever
you've a mind to on these issues. Also I wondered if you or anyone else
would like to comment further on how we can "constructivize" if you will,
the traditional notion of attitudes/perceptions. Both Tony and I, I
believe, want to examine changes in construing dimensions of parenting. It
seems to me then that we wish to sample from the universe of elements
perhaps defined as "parent-child interactions."

Do we constructivize an attitude as a construct? Then would the object of
the construal not be some representation of actual events? We can't do much
with triads if we're using the conventional notion of a global "attitude"
which I take as a collection of constructs toward a child, whose
representation is, to us, the aggregate of innumerous encounters with the

Do my questions make any sense at all? Perhaps I should write when I have
more time.


Suzanne Huffman