Re: Using grids to assess changes in parent perceptions

Beverly Walker (
Mon, 24 May 1999 11:25:38 +1000

Dear Tony,
Don't have much time to comment or chase up the refs for you, but I
think you need to think clearly about what changes you want with the
intervention, whereas I get the feeling you are working from the other
end - i.e. what kind of changes can a repertory grid show.
Might not one of the changes you hope for is that parents will attempt
to enter more into the construing of their children's construing - what
kelly terms engage in a role relationship? that is their constructs
will be different in their function after the intervention. I wonder if
al Landfield's distinction between different types of construing, one of
which is psychological, is relevant here?
Is it of relevenace that both parents are in more agreement about their
children after the intervention than before?
I suggest you look in David Winter's book Personal construct psychology
in clinical practice (Routledge) where you will find lots of relevant
info. e.g. some of the neimeyer's work of distrurbed relationships
probably relates to your question.
Sorry I don't have more time. I don't mind your elements too much,
though I did wonder if it would be better to have ones that could be
construed as my child in the present, rather than my child in the past.
I take Devi's point that they may be a bit difficult for triadic
elicitation - why not then use dyadic instead, or even monadic?
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