Re: distinguish tightness & constriction?

j.Maxwell Legg (
Mon, 24 May 1999 14:05:41 +1200

Travis Gee wrote:
> At 09:37 21/05/1999 +1000, Beverly Walker wrote:
> >she's giving people a camera and telling them to take 12 pictures that
> >indicate important features of their identity - who they are as people.
> >they are the construct poles - which she may get verbal approximations
> >of from the people themselves. we think this may be a way of
> >approaching core constructs and want to think of extending this as a
> >possible therapeutic tool - eg. looking at changes over time etc.
> That's a fascinating approach, but why is she not having them take 12 other
> pictures showing who they are *not*? I would guess that in many - but not
> all- cases, the pictures can be paired up to form a bipolar construct. I
> suspect that 'tight' construing could be reflected in cases where opposites
> line up nicely, whereas looser construing would be reflected in cases that
> don't match up so tidily. Just ask people to find pairs of photos from the
> "me" and the "not me" pile that reflect the most extreme opposition that
> the person feels is represented in the lot.


Travis, my initial understanding of Beverley's reproach of using the 12
pictures were that they related to relaxed or constricted facial

Now, I suppose if the subject were an architect then the photos could be
just as well be of buildings, wife, dog, etc. However I took the idea of
twelve facial
photos and worked into WinGrid 0.7.1 a GraphicCell companion array to go
with the elements. See an example at:-

Now I'm wanting to convert the byte arrays of those photos themselves
into grids and experiment to extract the principle components from each
these bitmaps and use the eigenvalues as weighted constructs in order to
compare the twelve photos using the eigenvalues to make up perfectly
replicated grids.

If the extra kellian construct elicitations were then added across the
twelve elements, my hunch is that what you might have is a trained
neural network.

I would like to here from anyone who has experience in this approach of
making grids of other grids' components. I suppose I'll have more luck
on a programming newsgroup as first I'll have to master the BitBlt to
extract the data using the "gdi32" functions.


Now on a slightly different tangent for which the moderators Chris and
should become involved: -

On the subject of limitations on PCP postings and it seems appropriate
bring this up here, particularly on this thread; - the subject of which
is constriction.

I sent a post to this PCP list as well as the ingrid download groups,
for which there is a large common list membership and which membership
will now be aware that my post announcing the availability of
WinGrid 0.7.1 never made it to this PCP list.

I trust there is nothing sinister going on here, but this is the second
my involvement with this list has been interfered with. Personally I
view any such MI-6 or chaotic constriction as a sign that I must be onto

Malcolm, Chris your private reply is welcomed.

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