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j.Maxwell Legg (income@ihug.co.nz)
Tue, 25 May 1999 09:42:27 +1200

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Subject: WinGrid 0.7.1 is available for download
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 11:48:27 +1200
From: "j.Maxwell Legg" <income@ihug.co.nz>
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WinGrid 0.7.1 with full source code is now available for download
without any further subscription from: -


Note: - WinGrid 0.7.1 introduces an additional "Cell" labeling feature
into the Element Line to access an additional GraphicCell Property
provided by the PictureClip control. This "Cell" property is independent
of the other forms of image maps added to 0.7.0. The "Cell" label is
activated instead of the other forms of labeling. These special picture
clips aren't loaded until the "Cell" label is requested.

This will not only make for an even simpler method of forming the
PictureClip but may well allow the addition of detailed comparison
routines to automatically compare images to allow WinGrid to derive its
own set of constructs based upon an analysis of the intrinsic components
stored in each of these image clips.

I'm thinking of someday opening up this multi-channel input technique to
examine a series of scaled images covering differing facial expressions.
In the meantime, does anyone know where I can get a cheap (i.e., free <=
$200) USB based net to read EEG signals?


A major bug was uncovered while adding this feature to the ingrid input
file. All that was needed to add was a couple of suffixes to the Element
Line to specify the image file and how many columns it is to be divided
into. This bug is now fixed adding a great deal of stability to the
system, but it had been there since ingrid99.0.2.1 and would destroy
existing input files if a file was resaved after adjusting its
parameters. This was caused by the numerical number of elements and
constructs on the 5th and 6th input lines becoming text values thus
dropping the space delimiter between these numbers and their names.

Of the hundreds of settings available, click below to read the
particular section of the help system that deals with this simplified
GraphicCell property and the more elaborate PictureClip control.