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Bronwyn Seaborn (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 10:09:03 -0700

Dear Marco
I share your suspicions that maybe we've gone a little overboard with
techniques - maybe that's the bias of a clinician - but stick with the
list, we DO also discuss IDEAS.

Bronwyn Seaborn
University of Wollongong, Australia.

Marco Vinicio Masoni wrote:
> dear all
> The coordinators of this list wrote:
> "New members are encouraged to send a brief synopsis of their work or
> interests to the list by way of introduction."
> I was born and I live in Milan, Italy, 54 old , I have been architect
> up to when I have discovered Kelly, then have become a psychologist.
> In fact I don't love much even this label, so often paint, but ...i
> am not a painter.
> (Am I a grid?)
> I don't love the mathematics (more honestly: I don't understand the
> mathematics) and, since I have not ever reached big familiarity with
> the grid, I love Kelly for his ideas, more that for the techniques.
> Currently I am a teacher about the juvenile deviance , and
> consultant for a program -patronized by Jerom Bruner- against the
> scholastic failure in a city of 50,000 inhabitants (Cologno Monzese),
> near Milan.
> Currently I could define me a narrativistic psychologist: we live the
> world that we narrate and we narrate the world that we live.
> I have written some books in Italian, not translated in English.
> Who wants know something more, could look at the site that follows my
> signature: when I wrote it in Italian, it was light and ironic, now ,
> translated in English,it seem me grave a little bit, I beg pardon .
> (I beg pardon for my terrible english , also)
> Marco Vinicio Masoni
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