Kelly quote book

manfred m straehle student of epistemology (shash501@CYBERNEX.NET)
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 23:19:05 -0700

Does anybody know if a Kelly quote book exists?


"If you want to know what is wrong with a client, ask him; he might tell
you " (p.201)--The Psychology of Personal Constructs--George A. Kelly

"We are forced to express ourselves in words, and we think, most often, in
space. To put it another way, language compels us to establish between our
ideas the same clear and precise distinctions, and the same break in
continuity, as between material objects."

---Henri Bergson---

"What we ordinarily call a fact is not reality such as it would appear to
an immediate intuition, but an adaptation of reality to practical interests
and the demands of social life." ("Matiere et Memoire", page 201.)

---Herni Bergson