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j.Maxwell Legg (income@ihug.co.nz)
Fri, 16 Jul 1999 16:00:30 +1200

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Subject: Re: about the software for analysising data of repertory grid
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 14:08:06 +1200
From: "j.Maxwell Legg" <income@ihug.co.nz>
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John Tse wrote:

> However, i am currently using grids in my analysis using wingrid 99
> and am finding some of the numerical output confusing..........can
> anyone help??

As you can tell from the WinGrid release number, the program hasn't even
yet reached the stage of release 1.0, so any suggestions are welcome.
Could you point to what numerical output section is confusing and I'll
try to clarify it in both the layout and the help files.

I'm currently preparing WinGrid 0.7.9 for release and I am belatedly
tackling the formatting and printout problems within the first nine
analysis sections. For example the tables can now be sent as full matrix
tables to Word or Excel, etc. There is also a separate system of mono
and color schemes so that you can print directly from the program
without using up all your ink.

I understand that the most contentious issue might be the data in
Section 4 which is a percentile derivative of Slater's interelement
distances. This is the data that primarily affects the output from the
PCA routine. In the meantime you can get references to most of the
definitions as presented by referring to Chris Evans' link.


You can also search through your downloaded WinGrid source code to find
the formulae that are used.