Expectancies and PCP

bob green (bgreen@dyson.brisnet.org.au)
Sun, 15 Aug 1999 09:44:09 +1000

In relation to substance use, the concept of expectancies has been given a
lot of attention (e.g., as predictors of behaviour such as consumption).
Although expectancies have a different intellectual heritage, to me appear
they seem to be anticipations, albeit of a specific nature. For example, if
I take this drug I expect certain effects and outcomes. Further, an
anticipation, would seem to be able to be both an anticipation/prediction
and a construct (e.g I might use a construct depressed/not depressed) and
may also predict I will get depressed as a result of some occurrence.

However, reading the literature on expectancies there appears to me little
attention/connection between expectancies and one's self(s), whereas Kellian
constructs are conceived of operating within hierarchical systems, within
and between individuals: with different implicative and subjective
importance as well as having varying ranges of convenience.

I would be interested to hear if anyone knows of work or someone who has
examined expectancies from a PCP perspective. Alternatively, I would
welcome any comments or discussion,


Bob Green