Re: Richard Bell's GRIDSTAT & GRIDSCAL programs

Jacqui Costigan (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 10:30:51 +1000

>Before the Berlin congress Richard and I met and he gave me
>copies of his freeware DOS programs for analysis of single and of
>multiple grids (GRIDSTAT & GRIDSCAL). I've been very slow about
>mounting them on the WWW as I'd promised but they are there at
>last with a somewhat rewritten introductory page on grids and his
>documentation on them.
>These are late beta test releases so user beware. There is still
>some debugging output in them but it's not difficult to work out
>what's what and the power, facilities (and price!) are awesome.
>All at:
>My WWW remains ugly but high in content, it matches Richard's
>approach to programs well. I'll be making some more revisions in
>the next weeks and I'll keep the list posted.
>Best wishes all,
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It's difficult to make the connection to Gridstat and Gridscal. Any
suggestions ?

regards, jacqui

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