Re: Richard Bell's GRIDSTAT & GRIDSCAL programs

j.Maxwell Legg (
Wed, 18 Aug 1999 10:56:36 +1200

Chris Evans wrote:

> Richard has since sent me a newer version of gridscal with one of
> the multigrid plots removed and the debugging output removed. I
> mounted that yesterday so if you want the latest, off to:
> again (sorry!)

When I run gridscal this happens. Why is this file not included?!?

Stub ldr err 7: DOS-Extender file "run386.exe" not found

Later I read where rb writes:

"Does a writer of computer programs for analysing grids need grids? At least I
can answer this last question. The answer is no. "

Maybe this is the case for programmers who can't work with objects and I
acknowledge that the transition is a difficult one, but in order to model my
development ideas, I have used grids many times in designing WinGrid.

In my earlier Dos version of the Ingrid program, the size of a grid was
determined by the bounds of what could be accomplished outside of the program
using a text editor. When I looked into the problem of dynamicallyresizing the
grid in memory, I was overwhelmed by the myriad of options needed for a modern

It was a 12x10 grid that saved my day and helped sort out a work plan. Without
looking back I zig-zagged my way into the North East. It worked.

WinGrid is the result.