Re: Richard Bell's GRIDSTAT & GRIDSCAL programs

Chris Evans (
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 16:49:29 +0100

On 17 Aug 99, at 21:22, bob green wrote:

> Jacqui and Chris,
> I downloaded them a few days ago without any trouble. First Gridscal and
> then rbzip, which had everything.
> regards,
> Bob

Thanks Bob,

As many of you will have guessed, I had intended to reply to Jacqui
personally but made the elementary error of not checking that my
message was replying to the sender not the "reply to" (which is
always the list for things sent through the list). It's worked out for
the best for me though as it's actually useful for me to know others'
experiences of downloading (I'll fix things so that it can be done by
FTP as well as http soon).

Richard has since sent me a newer version of gridscal with one of
the multigrid plots removed and the debugging output removed. I
mounted that yesterday so if you want the latest, off to:
again (sorry!)

Very best everyone,


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