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Suzanne Huffman (
Thu, 19 Aug 1999 11:41:21 -0500

Sorry, Tony, and especially Jim and Susan.

Constructivism IS a lifestyle/worldview, however you CHOOSE to construe it.
See Jon Raskin's online journal for an excellent model, huh? See a coupla K
pages of the works of one George Alexander Kelly, then his students. Some
of them have names like Cromwell, Adams-Webber, Shaw, Bannister...

There is an 8-yr old who lives at my house who asks: "Am I a fact or an

And his "loose construing" mother says, "Now that is a very interesting
ontological question."

Want to engage Dr Mancuso in dialouge? Email him. It just might work. He
might just tell you what's "wrong" with him.

Yours truly,

Suzanne Lynn Huffman, PhD
Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research
The University of Memphis, 1996

Major professor: Dean Dianne D. Horgan
Committee members:
Carol Plato Etheridge
Corrina Ethington
Douglas Hacker
Robert A Neimeyer

My deepest apologies to anyone else I have offended here. My old pal Bob
and I were the "brunt" of some humor on this forum a few years ago, and I
try very hard to be an intentional, actively construing person.

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>As folks say in the Southern half of the US: "You go, Boy!"
>Jim, will your darling bride permit you to "go here?"
>Sorry, y'all, little bit silly ce matain; no loose construing here, damn!
>Heard that's kinda fun.
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>>Is it an objective fact that there are no objective facts, or is it just a
>>construct socially validated between radical constructivists?
>> (Just winding you up, Jim)
>>Tony Downing