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Sorry, thought this might be up one of your alleys, gonnna email Dude myself

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>To whom this may concern,
>I am actively looking for soemeone that might be able to give me some
>concrete direction to my research proposal in terms of assessment. I am
>looking at using a Spiritual intervention as a complement to traditional
>Western cancer therapies; the holistic approach.
>I believe and want to demonstrate that there is a qualitative place for
>spiritual practise to complem,ent medical intervetions. I am very
>interested in how someone from a PCP background would construct a tool, and
>how this might be asssessed. I expect that it has been done before, or at
>least closely, and would welcome any suggestions.
>As an aside, I have been reading the book by Peter Reason, Human Inquiry in
>Action, and have found it very "enlightening" (I would like to say this in
>its appropriate context of course :)). If you happen to run acorss this
>note Peter, I would be very eager to correspond with you, or any other
>person who has contributed to this monograph.
>At this point I have only released the barest details, but in the interests
>of brevity, I have done this. I am certainly open to "fleshing" this out
>should the opportunity and interst present themsleves to do this. Thanks
>for this format for presenting this.
>Paul M. Wishart, Ph.D. <<paul.wishart@crha-health.ab.ca>>