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Chris Evans (chris@psyctc.org)
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 13:20:29 +0100

Michael clearly meant this to go to the list (pcp@mailbase.ac.uk)
rather than to Malcolm & I (pcp-request@mailbase.ac.uk) so I'm
forwarding it.

Seems like a good question to me and I'm sure Devi has
suggestions though nothing leaps to my mind.

Chris (list co-admin/co-"owner" and resident closet psychodynamic

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Dear everyone, I am involved in a group who mainly have
trained in the Tavistock/Reiss Institute model of
psychoanalytic analysis of organisational behaviour. I
suggested that they should read some pcp stuff and now am
looking for some reasonably comprehensible basic
psychological texts on organisational dynamics from a pcp
perspective if available. Can anyone help?
Many thanks,

Michael Göpfert, Liverpool
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