+ve and -ve values of constructs

John Mayes (christopher.mayes@actrix.gen.nz)
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 19:30:15 +1200

Robert Hadden writes :

`Here is my problem. Some participants ended up nominating
constructs for which they insisted both poles be positive. For example
the construct "works indoors -v- works outdoors" was seen by one fellow as
embodying two desirable states of affairs. He liked the outdoors, and he
also worked well indoors. To him, the two poles were opposite in meaning,
but equal in value. '

I have asked Valerie Stewart to comment on this. She is somewhat
preoccupied elsewhere at the moment so I thought (with some trepidation)
that I'd offer an idea which might help.

It seems to me that there may be other constructs here which split the
"works indoors -v- works outdoors" into other constructs such as:

works indoors - physically active
works outdoors - physically inactive

I'm not happy with these as possibilities but they indicate the direction
of my thinking - the original indoors - outdoors construct probably
deserves a lot more differentiation.

I've checked on our web site and find a hint which may be relevant. This is
<http://www.EnquireWithin.co.nz/rangeof.htm> in the paragraph entitled `Try
Splitting the Construct Into Two'

I hope that this helps
John Mayes