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Chris Evans (chris@psyctc.org)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 10:06:44 +0100

As some on the AFT, ATC & PCP lists will know, the issue of statutory
registration of title for psychotherapy (i.e. you could take someone to court
who claimed to be one who wasn't properly registered by a registering body.
To be a registering body that organisation would have to, as well as holding
the register, set standards of practice and training and check them, have an
appeal and disciplinary system and use it). This looks like an important
meeting for people interested in this. I do hope the discussion generates
light not just heat: this _WILL_ go public, probably to the House of Lords,
and we could all look stupid if we fight out turf wars and don't show some real
concern for protecting clients/patients and for assuring and developing the
quality of our work.

Short notice but I thought it should get wide circulation.


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Therapy hurts? - One-day conference organised by the Camden Trust with the
Association of Independent Psychotherapists

Time: Saturday, Oct. 30, 1999, 11 to 5 pm
Place: University of London Union, Malet St. London WC1
Cost: 10

"Therapy hurts?" is the unifying theme covering a range of issues, such as:
- Is psychotherapy or counselling harmful? In what way?
- What is the borderline between healing and harm in psychotherapy and
- Professional harm: how extensive is it, what factors matter?
- Does registration prevent harm? If not, what does?
- Is psychotherapy a suitable case for statutory registration?

The emphasis in on dialogue and debate rather than formal presentations.
The latter are to be short, leaving time for discussion in small groups and
in a final plenary.

Speakers include:
- Jo Nash, POPAN action group against abuse
- Petruska Clarkson, psychotherapist
- David Millar, psychotherapist
- Vincent Kete, lawyer
- Dan Hogan, ex-Harvard, author of 'The regulation of psychotherapists'
- Christina Wieland, psychotherapist
- Peter Burley, Council of professions Supplementary to Medicine
- NickTotton, Independent Practitioners Network
- Robert Maxwell Young, psychotherapist
- a representative of the UKCP

Chair: David Henderson AIP

Cheques payable to "The Camden Trust" can be sent to Therapy Conference,
The Camden Trust, 46 Colebrook Row, London N1 8AF

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