Re: Tables and Charts

Murray Altheim (
Fri, 7 Jul 1995 17:01:36 -0400

Chris Tilbury ( wrote:
[well written call for keeping HTML simple...]
>In my mind, there is no need to alter the HTML markup elements in
>order to fulfill the charting requirements - leave it as-is.
>Stylesheets provide us with all we need, and they keep it out of the
>actual HTML standard, which is a Real Good Thing, IMHO. :-)

I wish everyone felt the way you do. I'm still waiting for:

<KITCHEN SINK aroma="food.cheese.gouda">ad for AT&T</KITCHEN SINK>

which would render it in three dimensions, put on your VR glasses for you
and insert the content into your head *permanently* in 17.4 point
SemiBoldItalic Palatino, color = 20967 25446 65535, fully justified and
kerned slightly toward Mars. Oh, and you'd smell a faint aroma of mild
cheese, unless your browser had that option turned off (that would be
aroma=FALSE in Netscape).

Of course, with lynx, it would be rendered: "ad for AT&T"

Huzzah (insert similar ejaculation).

Not that anybody will necessarily notice, but I'll be in the mountains for
the next two weeks, unresponsive to anything but cold beer and black flies.


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