Targets w/in tables

Linda Hemenway (
Sat, 15 Jul 95 20:02:57 -0700 (PDT)

I have successfully linked to areas within a document by using this scripting
<A HREF=#area1>Area 1</A> and then somewhere else on the document typing
<A NAME="area1">Blah Blah </A>

This all seems to fall apart when I try this within a
table. If I create a single linked area for the entire table it works
<A NAME="area1"><table><tr><td>blah blah...... it works

However if I want several links within the table it doesn't work I've tried
<table><tr><td><A NAME="area1> blah blah</A></td></tr>........

and <table><tr><A NAME="area1"><td> blah blah</td></A></tr>........

In both cases the links within a table are ignored. I have a list of
faculty/staff schedules within a table and wanted to create links
to each person from a list at the top of the table. I can create a table
for each faculty member but they don't all have the same shape (even
though I gave them the same width) and creating 69 tables is a pain. I
must be doing something slightly wrong, so thanks in advance.