Re: Targets w/in tables

Terry Allen (
Sat, 15 Jul 1995 21:11:06 -0700

As tables haven't been specified yet, there is no way of saying what
is not working as you expect. But it certainly sounds like something
broken on the browser end; a TD (that is, a cell), ought to allow the
inclusion of an A.

On the other hand, the table implementations out there have probably
been built in some relation to the set of tags (I dare not say the
actual content models) of some now-obsolete version of Dave Raggett's
table model, in which TD may have an ID attribute. Try using that
instead of an A and see what happens.

One point of IDs is that they are potential link targets; if they're
specified as SGML IDs then each ID value must begin with a letter.
HTML's A tag's NAME is specified as an ID in the Recommended mode
(somewhat futilely), and as CDATA (looser rules, best to quote these

<![ %HTML.Recommended [
<!ENTITY % linkName "ID">

<!ENTITY % linkName "CDATA">


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