Re: Psychology and usefulness

Mike Meyer (
Tue, 18 Jul 95 08:52:01 PST

> > Mosaic 2.6beta implements <small>, but not <big>.
> Well, that doesn't change the fact that HTML 3.0 is still just a draft (a
> moving target by definition), and since that version of Mosaic is itself
> just a beta (software's equivalent of a draft), surely it could be
> quietly forgotten.. . . .

Emacs-w3 implements both BIG and SMALL. It's a production browser.

I do agree with the sentiment - you don't depreciate things that were
never part of a standard. BIG and SMALL should simply be removed from
the draft, and that's that. Emacs-w3 will probably keep them for a
while, just as it's kept various HTML+ features.