In-line HTML files?

Keith Rogers (
Wed, 19 Jul 1995 09:51:39 +0900

Is there some facility in HTML for automatically including another HTML
file within
a main HTML file, much like the IMG tag includes a graphics file?

This would allow small sections of information which are changed regularly
to be kept
in a separate file while still being integrated into a basic document.

The particular application I have in mind is for a home page for a running club.
The locale of the run changes each week, and I want to make it easy to update
the web page to include this information. Ideally, the club secretary
should only
have to make sure that a file with the location and date is updated each week.

Sure you could do it with a regular hypertext link, but since the quantity
of information
is so small it seems better to integrate it into the main document.