Presentation methods and media types

Ka-Ping Yee (
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 05:06:39 -0400

A while ago i made an attempt to clarify the HTML-inclusion problem by
constructing a classification for presentation methods[1], and mentioned
that references should be able to refer to ANY media:

> In this context, <IMG> and <FIG> are merely ways of specifying that the
> media be somehow *embedded* into the document when it is presented; as
> concerns this <INCLUDE> idea, for instance, there is no reason why
> "text/html" can't be the "Content-Type:" of a <FIG>.

Recently i discovered that these things had already been thought of, and
were in fact part of the original philosophy. *EVERYONE* should read

and think about how much better things would work now (and still *could
be made to work*) if we followed Tim Berners-Lee's suggestion.

Thanks to Dan Connolly for referencing this message. It has in some way
restored my faith, and in another way made me seriously ponder "How could
things have gone so wrong?" for the development of HTML.


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