www server at tky.hut.fi

Jyrki Kuoppala <jkp@cs.hut.fi>
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 1991 09:15:13 +0200
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From: Jyrki Kuoppala <jkp@cs.hut.fi>
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Subject: www server at tky.hut.fi
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Organization: Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.
OK, now there is quite a lot of stuff added into the www server at
otax.tky.hut.fi - though it's not a web, but a tree.  The html files
for directories are automatically created by a simple shell script
from the normal Unix-style directory tree, and the text files itselves
are normal ascii to which links are created in the html files.

There's one problem: the otax files have tab characters in them and
the server or the line mode client seems to mostly convert them to
line breaks.