Storyspace Mac hypertext tool

Mark Alexander Davis-Craig <>
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Subject: Storyspace Mac hypertext tool
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 92 12:12:59 -0400
From: Mark Alexander Davis-Craig <>
I don't know how interesting this will be to people, but I called one
of the technical people on the project, Mark Bernstein, (he's cced on
this message) and this might be close to a Mac front end for the web.
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This is a rather tardy reply to the query about StorySpace.
StorySpace is a hypertext authoring system that runs on the
Macintosh. The person using it creates "spaces" which
can contain text and/or other spaces. Links can also be created between
different text spans, and the links can be keyworded.
It is then possible to use the keywords to select sets of links to
StorySpace was originally conceived as a writing tool, but has since
been used as an organizer, courseware authoring system, environment
for writing fiction, etc.
It is written by J. David Bolter, Michael Joyce and John B. Smith, and
is distributed by Eastgate Systems in Cambridge Mass.
I have played with StorySpace a little, and have also read some of the
fiction  written in it (also from Eastgate). It is an extremely
sophisticated and versatile hypertext system, and using it is a very
worthwhile initiation into this new medium (...?!).
I should also add that, although I am not affiliated with
Eastgate or StorySpace, I think their products are good, and
I am a supporter and friend of theirs, so I am not entirely
To get in touch with Eastgate, call 1-800-562-1638. The fiction
is in the $30 range, and really takes the shine out of the current
books on disk.

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